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Sumter Campus    
2015-2016 USC Sumter Bulletin (Archived Copy) 
  Nov 15, 2018
2015-2016 USC Sumter Bulletin (Archived Copy) [Archived Catalog]

Art Education, B.F.A.

Learning Outcomes

  • BFA Art Education students apply art history content  and context to the design of Pre-K- 12 curricula materials.
  • BFA Art Education majors develop a collection of proficiencies unique to their interests and aspirations.
  • BFA Art Education students use practica to explore the areas of research, and curriculum development.
  • BFA Art Education students practice teaching in elementary & secondary schools.

Degree Requirements (125-142 hours)

  1. Carolina Core Plus General Education Requirements (32-49 Hours)
  2. Certification Requirements (39 Hours)
  3. Major Requirements (54 Hours)

1. Carolina Core Plus General Education Requirements (32-49 Hours)

CMW: Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Writing (6 hours)

Must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

AIU: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding (3 Hours)

Additional BFA Art Education Requirement: 

Students must choose an additional course from:

GFL: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Communicate Effectively in More than One Langauge (0-9 Hours)

Specified or additional College of Arts and Sciences Requirement:

  • Demonstration of proficiency in one foreign language equivalent to the minimal passing grade on the exit examination in the 122 course is required for all baccalaureate degrees. Students can demonstrate this proficiency by successfully completing Phase II of the Proficiency Test or by successfully completing the 122 course, including the exit exam administered as part of that course.

It is strongly recommended that students continuing the study of a foreign language begin college-level study of that language in their first semester and continue in that language until their particular foreign language requirement is completed.

ARP: Analytical Reasoning and Problem-Solving (6-8 Hours)

SCI: Scientific Literacy (8 Hours)

Specified or additional College of Arts and Sciences Requirement:

  • Two 4-credit hour laboratory science courses

GHS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Historical Thinking (3 hours)

GSS: Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Sciences (3 hours)

Carolina Core Stand Alone or Overlay Eligible Requirements (3-9 Hours)

  • Up to two of these requirements may be met in overlay courses. At least one of these requirements must be satisfied by a course not applied elsewhere in general education.

CMS: Carolina Core Effective, Engaged, and Persuasive Communication: Speech

INF: Carolina Core Information Literacy

VSR: Carolina Core Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

2. Certification Requirements (39 hours)

The following professional courses in education are required for all students preparing to teach art in K-12 settings:


    *Block courses–ARTE 571  and ARTE 565  are taken in the last year of study.

    **ARTE 525  & ARTE 525P  are corequisites

    ***ARTE 540  and ARTE 540P  are corequisites

    ****ARTE 560  and ARTE 560P  are corequisites

    Four additional courses in Art History: