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2016-2017 USC Sumter Bulletin (Archived Copy)
Sumter Campus
  Feb 20, 2018
2016-2017 USC Sumter Bulletin (Archived Copy) [Archived Catalog]

Palmetto College


Launched in 2013, Palmetto College is the University of South Carolina’s online bachelor’s degree completion consortium providing leadership, management, and coordination of online education across all eight USC campuses. Through Palmetto College, students can begin and complete high-quality bachelor’s degrees, through asynchronous or real-time delivery, without disrupting personal, family, and professional commitments.

In addition to its degree completion mission, Palmetto College is also an administrative organization encompassing the University’s four associate degree-granting regional campuses (Lancaster, Salkehatchie, Sumter and Union) and Extended University.

Susan Elkins, Chancellor
Chris Nesmith, Associate Provost and Dean

Extended University 

The Extended University unit of Palmetto College offers instruction, courses, programs and services designed for students who need courses at convenient sites and times or in flexible formats, compatible with their jobs or other schedule restrictions. Undergraduate programs in Liberal Studies and Organizational Leadership are offered as part of Palmetto College, and associates degrees are available to military service members and affiliated groups through the Fort Jackson Program.

Chris Nesmith, Dean
Steve Lowe, Director, Liberal Studies and Organizational Leadership 
Connie Vise, Director, USC Fort Jackson

Palmetto College – Extended University




Palmetto College

  • PALM 493 - South Carolina Studies  
  • PALM 494 - Internship  
  • PALM 495 - Service-Learning  

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